I'm a web developer living in the magnificent kingdom of Belgium.

I'm loving creativity, the web, open source software, PHP and android.

I dream about Canada and so many things such as

decoration, architecture, wood, nature, music, photography ...

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E: jeff@iamjeff.be

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Hozier: Take Me To Church
Hozier performs an acoustic version of "Take Me To Church" while backstage in the Tonight Show music room. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy F...
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AMAZING! Orangutan asks girl for help in sign language
http://InYourPalm.org - TAKE ACTION TODAY TO STAND WITH THE LAST WILD ORANGUTANS. **Now with english captions for the hearing impaired. More languages coming...
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jean-françois lefebvre
loving creativity, the web, android, cooking, decoration, architecture, minimalism, Canada, wood, nature, music, photography ...
Looking for some inspiration ? Visit my #pinterest   boards ... :) #design   #decoration   #architecture   #zen   #quotes   #inspiration  
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We Love Entrepreneurs - Le film
De Paris à San Francisco, en passant par New York, nous avons interviewé plus d’une soixantaine d’acteurs de la scène Tech sur la question de l’entrepreneuriat. 35 heures d’interviews pour 52 minutes de concentré d’énergie et de créativité. http://www.we-love-entrepreneurs.com http://www.frenchweb.fr Quelles sont leurs motivations ? Comment ont-ils créé leurs entreprises ? Quelles sont les difficultés auxquelles ils sont confrontés et comment l...
We Love Entrepreneurs - Le film #startup #french #documentaire
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Pinterest HQ Where Making Is A Way Of Life
Colleen Taylor tours the San Francisco offices of Pinterest. on the TC Cribsshow from TechCrunch TV
#pinterest #HQ   #visit  
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24 Montreal Restaurants in 24 Hours | Day of Gluttony Ep 4
Two guys: Harry & Bruce. One city: Montreal. The challenge: Conquer 24 restaurants within 24 hours. SEE BELOW FOR THIS EPISODE’S FULL RESTAURANT LIST. ROUND ...
24 Montreal Restaurants in 24 Hours | Day of Gluttony http://youtu.be/-KyUjdBD0tU #food #canada #montreal
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The Daily Routines of Famous Creative People | Podio
Discover how some of the world’s greatest minds organized their daily routines. We delved into their diaries and other documents to see how they worked, slept and exercised their way to success.
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ISS HD Earth Viewing Experiment
***QUICK NOTES ABOUT HDEV VIDEO*** Black Image = International Space Station (ISS) is on the night side of the Earth. No Audio = Normal. There is no audio by design. Add your own soundtrack. For a display of the real time ISS location plus the HDEV imagery, visit here: http://eol.jsc.nasa.gov/HDEV/ The High Definition Earth Viewing (HDEV) experiment aboard the ISS was activated April 30, 2014. It is mounted on the External Payload Facility of...
ISS HD Earth View #space #wow
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Your genes are not your fate
Dean Ornish shares new research that shows how adopting healthy lifestyle habits can affect a person at a genetic level. For instance, he says, when you live healthier, eat better, exercise, and love more, your brain cells actually increase.
Simple lifestyle changes that can actually make your brain bigger:
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Fedora Dockerfiles: Ready-to-Go Recipes for Easy App Deployment
I think we all have heard that Docker is the hottest thing since sliced bread (or maybe even "since bread was wrapped" :) ). Docker allows you to quickly and easily spin up a new "something" by des...
Easy app deployment on Fedora with Docker based ready-to-go recipes
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Découvrez en 140 pages, toutes les bonnes pratiques du #web , toutes les astuces pour bâtir des sites Internet efficaces et performants : #ergonomie #arborescence #navigation ... A télécharger #gratuitement ici ! > http://www.smile.fr/Livres-blancs/Culture-du-web/Bonnes-pratiques-du-web
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Fedora Project - Get the next Fedora
This is pre-release software and is supported by the QA team. Please direct questions to test@lists.fedoraproject.org or #fedora-qa on freenode. All issues or bugs should be reported via the Red Hat Bugzilla. The Fedora Project makes no guarantees as to its suitability or usefulness.
Fedora 21 Alpha is out! Try it and report bugs so that we all can together make another great release of Fedora!
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Unbroken - Motivational Video
Facebook: http://on.fb.me/R8jxxV Instagram: http://bit.ly/1fjzPrZ SoundCloud: http://bit.ly/Mon20y Twitter: http://bit.ly/1nNEv30 Donate: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_donations&business=a_miroslaw%40interia%2epl&lc=GB&item_name=Mateusz%20M&no_note=0¤cy_code=USD&bn=PP%2dDonationsBF%3abtn_donate_LG%2egif%3aNonHostedGuest Speakers: Les Brown: https://www.facebook.com/Brown.Les, Eric Thomas: http://www.youtube.com/user/etthehiphoppreacher Steve Jobs Movies: Jobs, Her Music: Confidential Music - Archangel, Unashamed http://confidentialmusic.com/
I hope it was worth to wait.
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August 2014 - Montreal In Pictures
Below is the gallery of Montreal images taken during the month of August 2014, including shots of: Tadoussac hotel Saint Siméon (Charlevoix) Île aux Coudres (Charlevoix) Baie des Rôchers (Charlevoix) Quebec City Montmorency Falls Habitat 67 Surfing, Paddleboarding and kayaking behind Habitat 67 Champlain Bridge Mies van der Rohe gas station on Île des Soeurs …
#canada   #photography  
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v2 | Jean-François Lefebvre - PHP web developer - Bruxelles - Belgique
Feel free to check v2 which is my web development sandbox : I'm building a simple content management using markdown format and social media integration (twitter, google+, pinterest ...). Allowing to serve as base to configure and deploy rapidly a web site and extend it as needed. And of course, it's built lean with the best of open source software.
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"Sirens" (Official Music Video) - Pearl Jam
Watch the Danny Clinch-directed music video for "Sirens", the second single off of Pearl Jam's new album, Lightning Bolt. Buy "Sirens" on iTunes here: http:/...
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I love the simplicity of these stylish, tiny homes: http://on.mash.to/1uixEyW
I love the simplicity of these stylish, tiny homes: http://on.mash.to/1uixEyW
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A panorama of Lake Kazikiko at sunrise, Omachi, Nagano. Japan.
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The Barnum Effect
Testing the validity of personality assesments based on psychologist Bertram R. Forer original tesing in 1948
Testing the validity of personality assesments based on psychologist Bertram R. Forer original testing in 1948 #psychology #barnumeffect
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哈佛大学开放课程:幸福课(Harvard Open Course Positive Psychology).wmv
课程介绍: 我们来到这个世上,到底追求什么才是最重要的?他坚定地认为:幸福感是衡量人生的唯一标准,是所有目标的最终目标。塔尔博士在哈佛学生中享有很高的声誉,受到学生们的爱戴与敬仰,被誉为"最受欢迎讲师"和"人生导师"。 哈​佛​大​学​最​受​欢​迎​的​选​修​课​是​"​幸​福​课​"​,​听​课​人​数​超...
#pyschology   #opencourse   #harvard   
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