Thanks for visiting my web log and digital playground/sandbox.
I'm a web developer living in brussels, Belgium and this is the place where I share various things about the web, open source, creativity, music, photography and many other topics ...
If you are looking for PHP web developer for your project as contractor, feel free to contact me.

I'm very curious and enjoy to play with open source software. Silex is my favorite micro framework.

more about me

jeff's web corner South Park figure. Talking about myself is really difficult, I don't know where to begin, so I try with "100 things about me" method:

  1. My name is Jean-François
  2. My surname is Lefebvre
  3. I was born in Namur, Belgium, on March 26th, 1975 at 4:45 p.m.
  4. I'm an Aries in tropical astrology but Pisces in sideral astrology (wich I think is close to the reality). I'm a cat in Chinese astrology.
  5. I really care about our future and the quality of life on this planet. Every day, I try to do small little things to help reduce greenhouse gases and make a less harmful impact on the environment
  6. I'm interested in the minimalist movement : the idea to simplify your life by getting rid of all the "suffs", keep the most useful things in our lives and focusing on quality. It allows to free your mind to live a better life.
  7. I moved in 2006 in Brussels (Belgium) but I lived almost all my life in Namur. If you are coming in Belgium, you should visit the Citadel of Namur.
  8. I've studied software engineering at the Haute Ecole Rennequin Sualem in Liege
  9. I've been a web developer since 1999.
  10. Drupal is the CMS that I use for my blog, but I have to admit that wordpress is also a great tool. There was a time when I was claiming that drupal was the best solution available. But all is about personal preferences.
  11. For my personal and freelance projects, I'm using Silex micro-framework, RedBean ORM, Twig, Sami, composer. They allow me to rapidly build web applications with flexibility and quality.
  12. I'm focused about web related technologies and try to improve my skills everyday.
  13. My blogger code: B8 d t+ k s u-- f- i- o x e l c (decode it!)
  14. I've been a television addict for many years, but since 2014 I sold my TV as an experiment and to free extra time to read.
  15. But I still have access to tv series, documentaries, cultural programs and music but without the noise.
  16. My phone is an htc desire Google nexus 5X
  17. I've been on the internet since 1996
  18. I drink only socially, my body does not support alcohol.
  19. My favorite drinks are coke light, red bull light and water (especially chaudfontaine sparkling water)
  20. I like digital arts : web design, photography, music.
  21. I really love to swim and play badminton.
  22. Living at the north of brussels, I'm using the public transportation in Brussels (STIB), it's very easy to reach any places in Brussels.
  23. My first browser was Netscape Navigator. A great documentary about netscape before he's been bought by AOL : code rush. It was for me a magical time in my life.
  24. My first email address was
  25. I received my first computer (sinclair zx81) at 8 and wrote my first program in basic and never stopped to experiment and build software since that day.
  26. I owned the following computers over the decades : Sinclair ZX81, Amstrad CPC6128, Commodore Amiga 500 (amazing machine), 486DX@33, PIII@333, P4@2.4, ASUS laptop Sonoma@2Ghz and recently switched to apple world with a Macbook pro i5 2,4Gghz
  27. Over the years, I've developed software using various languages from assembler 80x86 to C, C++, C#, VB.NET, java and for more thant ten years PHP. I'm a fan of open source software.
  28. Android is an amazing development platform and I'm training myself to build apps. My goal is to add it to my skill set.
  29. The countries I've visited are Italy, France, Spain, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Greece, Turkey and Canada
  30. My favorite foods are asian, italian and greek.
  31. I like to experiment new recipies found on pinterest or magazines.
  32. I'm listening to a lot of different kind of music, but my favorites are soundtracks and pop/rock music.
  33. I play piano and guitar for fun during my spare time.
  34. I've been very privileged to travel and visit the Crete island and Canada which are two amazing places for different reasons.
  35. Visit big apple and Canada to discover new amazing places. Living in "small" country like Belgium and discovering some places like Canada has been an eye opening experience.
  36. In April 2017, I've been lucky to visit Barcelona, Spain.


Jean-François Lefebvre
Bvd de Smet de Naeyer, 504
1020 Brussels
P: +32 494 68 87 01

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