• A browser search plugin (chrome, firefox)

    InfoAllows to launch search on packagist.org easily in the search bar of the browser.

    To install, just click on the mozdev.org site and your browser will add the new search plugin that will be available in the search zone right away.

  • PHP client for Mobile vikings REST API

    Info I've moved from proximus to Mobile vikings as a mobile network provider.
    Besides the calls and the SMS, you get access to 3G internet access and 2Go.
    They provide a REST API allowing to retrieve your personal data.
    A python client is available and I've decided to write a PHP version.
    I'm sure that it will be useful for people interested to integrate their data in a web application.
    I'm going to write a drupal module to integrate the data in each user profile. (usage, history).

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  • I've created and maintained over the years a small but usefull weather module for drupal 6/7 and after many changes and finally end of the weather.com and google weather API REST web service, I had no other choice to stop the project.
  • aac web service project was allowing to search and retrieve airport codes. This service was used in my drupal weather module for ajax lists. The code was a simple PHP script and is now based on slim micro framework, Twig and redbean ORM accessing a database containing 36000 airport codes.