The studio

Music is a hobby for me, I play keyboard and guitar. Music is my vehicule to learn and discover about myself. Hans Zimmer and Eric Serra are among my favorites composers. What I love about them is their ability to create music mixing the best of electronic and orchestral world. In fact, I like all kind of music.

My music lab is a place where I share some creative ideas, things improvised and recorded as fast as possible (generally less than 15 minutes). The main aim is to have a lot of fun, explore my creativity and experiment a lot of things !

My nickname as musician is Dj Darwin, in relationship with e-volution which is the name chosen for my freelance services.

I've used many different keyboards over the years, but I've decided to keep things as simple as possible. We live in a digital world where you don't have to have tons of gear in racks anymore. My home studio is built arount a MIDI keyboard controlling my macbook pro running logic/live loaded with software synthesizers/plugins.